Links and Resources

Web 2.0 Tools

Animoto -
Animoto produces TV-quality music videos using your photos in just minutes.
Glogster lets users create web pages (they call them posters) using Flash elements. Upload photos, songs, text and other stuff, drag it around, and create a web page. We use the education version so that our students or a private class. See me to help you create a private class in glogster.
Nota is similar to Glogster but has some unique features. Check it out and compare it to Glogster. You may wish to use this instead!
Soundzabound is a website that provides downloads of royalty free audio files for student usage. We have a membership to this site so students can download any of the files and use them in their projects. See me for the username and password.
Big Hug Labs-
This website allows you to create your own customized motivational poster.
Jeopardy Labs
This is an on-line jeopardy game that requires no log-in to use, just a password. You can search for other games created for educational purposes or make your own.