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Karns City Area School District

Welcome to the Classrooms for the Future wikispace. The purpose of this wiki is to provide the CFF teachers at Karns City High School with a place to find information and collaborate on ideas and projects.

What is a wiki?

The word wiki is a short form of the Hawaiian wiki-wiki, which mean "quick". The first wiki was created by Ward Cunningham (not the father from "Happy Days") in 1995, who was looking to design an easy authoring tool that might spur people top publish. And the key word here is "easy," because, plainly put, a wiki is a Website where anyone can edit anything anytime they want.
(Richardson, W. (2009). Wikis: Easy collaboration for all. In Blogs, wikis, podcasts, and other
powerful web tools for classrooms (2nd. ed., pp. (55-69), page 55). Thousand Oaks, California:
Corwin Press. )

How does our Private Wiki label work?

As most of you now know, we have created our own personal wikispace domain for Karns City High School. I wanted to clarify the steps you need to take to transfer your existing wiki or to become a member and create your own wiki on our KC domain. I also want to let you know how to get your students joined as members to your wiki when you are ready.

Step 1: Joining our Domain
You need to access the site at Once you are on the main page, look in the top right corner to see the link titled JOIN. Click on this link to create a log-in name and password for your membership to our wikispaces domain. You may use the same information you already use for the general wikispaces site. Once you submit this request, I will receive an email to which I will give you approval as a member. You will then receive an email telling you that you have been approved. I will also make you an organizer in your permissions. This will allow you to create and manage wiki's on the KC domain.

Step 2: If you already have a wiki on the main wikispaces site (Out in the real world!)
You need to send me the address for your wikispace. I will then inform the company that we need this wikispace transferred to the Karns City Domain. When this is completed I will make you the organizer for this wikispace so you have all rights to work with the wiki.

Step 3: Adding students as members
If you would like to add your students as members of your wiki, I can use the User Creator feature to upload a file with multiple student information. Please don't have your students request membership! I get an email for everyone that asks permission. It is much easier for me to upload the students as a whole group. Currently we have all the seniors, juniors, and sophomores added to the our wikispace domain.

Step 4: Permissions for students
Depending on what you want your students to do on the wiki site we can vary their permissions. Talk to me about what kind of access you want your students to have.